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The Concept of Supreme Reality

The concept of the Supreme Reality, often referred to as the ultimate or absolute reality, is a central theme in the philosophical and metaphysical discussions of present-day Sanathana Dharma. While the Rigveda contains numerous hymns that explore various aspects of divinity and the cosmic order, it does not explicitly mention the term “Supreme Reality” in the same sense as later philosophical texts.

However, the Rigveda contains references to a divine power or principle that is considered the source and sustainer of the universe. This divine power is often referred to as “Brahman” or “Brahma,” which represents the ultimate reality or the transcendent aspect of existence.

For example, Rigveda 10.121.1, known as the “Hymn of Creation” or the “Nasadiya Sukta,” contemplates the origins of the universe and reflects on the nature of existence. It contemplates the state of existence before the manifestation of the universe and explores the mystery of creation.

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