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Attribution of Mandala 6 to Bharadwaja

Therefore, while it is common to attribute Mandala 6 to Bharadwaja, it is important to approach these attributions with caution and acknowledge that they are based on traditional accounts rather than verifiable historical evidence.

Linguistic archaism is a complex and subjective matter that requires in-depth analysis and expertise. It involves studying the linguistic features, grammar, vocabulary, and style used in the hymns. Without a comprehensive linguistic analysis, it is challenging to determine definitively which hymns exhibit more archaic language. However, based on general linguistic classifications and scholarly discussions, the hymns in Mandala 2 of the Rigveda are often considered to have a higher degree of archaic language compared to those in Mandala 6. Mandala 2 is regarded as one of the oldest parts of the Rigveda, linguistically categorized as more archaic or closer to the Vedic period.

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