Jansankalp Foundation: Preserving Heritage, Celebrating Culture

Jansankalp Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to environmental conservation and sustainable development in India. Our mission is to protect and restore the natural environment, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. We work towards creating a greener and more sustainable India by addressing environmental challenges through innovative initiatives.

Our Mission

At Jansankalp Foundation, our mission is to promote environmental sustainability in India by:

  1. Conservation and Restoration: Preserving and restoring natural ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, and biodiversity-rich areas, to maintain ecological balance and protect endangered species.
  2. Sustainable Practices: Promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, energy, waste management, and resource utilization to minimize environmental impact and foster a greener and healthier planet.
  3. Awareness and Education: Raising awareness about environmental issues and the importance of conservation through educational programs, campaigns, and community engagement initiatives.
  4. Policy Advocacy: Advocating for environmentally-friendly policies and regulations that promote sustainable development, conservation, and climate action at the local, regional, and national levels.


    1. Food Distribution and Nutrition Programs: We conduct food distribution drives and nutrition programs to provide immediate relief to those facing food insecurity. Additionally, we focus on raising awareness about balanced diets and nutrition, especially among vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
    2. Sustainable Agriculture and Farming: Through partnerships with farmers and agricultural experts, we promote sustainable farming practices that enhance crop yields and ensure food availability throughout the year. We also encourage the adoption of organic farming techniques to improve soil health and reduce environmental impact.
    3. Water Conservation and Purification: Jansankalp Foundation focuses on water conservation and purification projects. We promote rainwater harvesting, construction of water storage facilities, and installation of water purification systems to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water.
    4. Training and Capacity Building: We conduct workshops and training programs for local communities on sustainable farming techniques, water conservation, and hygiene practices. These efforts empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient in managing their food and water resources.

Our Recent Activities

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Discussed the challenges faced by Yarraguntapalli village

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Tool Kits for Electric and Plumbing Services in Yerraguntapalli

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