Gauri Healthy Heart Project- An Update | No More Heart Attacks and Strokes

Short Impact Stories

Twenty-two years, old lady who had given birth to a healthy baby was noted to have a complex birth defect at normal delivery. The lady had a cyanotic heart disease (blue patient) with an arterial saturation of 86% with clubbed digits. Echo cardiography confirmed the diagnosis of Tetralogy of Fallot. Parents had missed the blue colour of their daughter and got her married without a medical consultation. The male child is one month old and it is now the family knows that the mother has a serious birth defects of her heart. GHHP has already organized her full evaluation through the Cardiologists of AIIMS in New Delhi within a month and family has readily agreed.

A 3 months old baby with a serious defect of a large hole in the heart called ventricular septal defect (VSD) needs early surgery within a year otherwise she would become inoperable. This child is coming to Delhi AIIMS in First week of January 2021 and GHHP has already tied up with the head of Paediatric Cardiology department for her management.


To accentuate the healthcare system of the valley, specifically related to heart, under the able guidance of Dr U Kaul, eminent cardiologist. Our focus is on interceptive as well as preventive healthcare in accordance to our Mission “NO-HEART-ATTACKS-2025”.


The mission is to decrease the heart-disease burden in J&K and to bring quality cardiac healthcare to the valley. The social aspect of our project tends to take healthcare facility to remote regions of the UT in both Jammu as well as in Kashmir.