About Jansakalp Foundation

"Empowering Our Roots to Embrace the Skies a foundation that belongs to each and every person who wants to make a difference, who thinks that change begins from each of us."

Jansankalp Foundation (Sankalp) idea originated in 2005. Balaji and Anand who studied together in mid 90s in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Both migrated out of state and continued to be in touch with their roots right from their villages, Districts and India as a whole. Amit bhai joined Jansankalp Family as he wanted to help MedOnGo and to be in Primary Care. Amit bhai extended support personally, financially and spent his time a lot on many things . Need less to say the contributions of Puneet Gurnani and Shri Deepak Gurnani ji (Father of Puneet Gurnani ) who are part of MedOnGo originaly and are involved in all ways and yet to take official positions .
This family organization, has been working on issues affecting the rural poor initially and then extended to urban poor and started working on social impact organizations, keeping this foundation close to their hearts and their families. Made impact in uplifting people lives by way of EdTech and HealthTech.
Jansankalp care and provide services for the educational, economic, cultural needs, welfare and wellbeing of all the people residing in India, irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, language or religion. In a more specific manner economically backward, downtrodden of society living below the poverty line, in particular with prejudice.” With blessings of their parents and larger friends and family circles.
Jansankalp Foundation formally registered as a Section 8 company under Companies Act 2013, India in the year 2021. Organization is formed with the vision to scale the succusses. Jansankalp is working in the fields of all-round rural development and community building to empower villages to self-reliance. Working in the field of health, education, environment, culture and agricultural sustainability and to preserve Dharmic Ethos of from the roots they came from. Jansankalp never took funds from others and its been from self funded by the people mentioned in this and their immediate families . Neither Jansankalp or the familiy claiming any tax deductions.

Our Vision

JSF seeks a world without poverty, smart health facilities for all, education for all, cultural understanding and environmental care with society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place for all and to ensure a better living environment for the poor, the needy and the low-income families.

Our Focus

We put health in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome other objectives until we have a healthy society and a pandemic free atmosphere.

Jansankalp Core

Purushotham Naidu Krishnammagaru

Founder Trustee & Founding Donor

Motto : “Sarve jana Sukino Bavanthu.”

S/O Krishnammagari Kumaraswami Naidu Born in Mannarunaidupalli , Palamaneru, Chittoor Dt.  Near Tirupati . Andhra Pradesh

Siblings : Late : Late Sri Kadiyala Jayamma , Late Sri Ramachandraiah Naidu , Guimmalla , Ganta Santhamma , Dalavai Janakamma, Ranga Naikulu , Pattabhiramaiah Naidu.
Children : Amarnath, Ravi, Parthasaradhi, Balaji, Jayashree, Girish, Prabhu, Vidhya, Saithoran, Charitha, Likhitha
About Founder : Farmer till 17 , joined Airforce and served till 1983 to serve the coutry , retired from State Bank of India in 2009 . Staunch believer in preserving Dharma.

Dasari Anand Yadhav

Co Founder – Executive Director

Motto : “Satyhyameva Jayate”, Dharma is the constitution

Dasari Anand Babu is a dedicated social worker working tirelessly to uplift the well-being of people living in rural India. His passion lies in addressing the unique challenges faced by these communities and implementing impactful solutions through his organization. With a strong commitment to improving their quality of life, Dasari Anand Babu is actively involved in various initiatives aimed at empowering individuals, promoting education, healthcare, and sustainable development in rural areas. Through his work, he strives to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Mr. Amit Goel

Executive Director

Mr Amit Goel, a leading entrepreneur from Delhi is also a well known social worker. After completing his education,he decided to start his own venture . With vast experience of around 30 years in the travel industry ,he is successfully running his travel business.
At present his own ” Dream Travel & Tours Inc ” is a leading travel company based in India,U.S.A and Canada and has been a pioneering enterprise in the travel industry. He is also a well known personality in the field of medicine representing MEDONGO,the technology partner behind Mohalla clinics in Delhi & Apla Dawakhana in Mumbai. MUGHLAI JUNCTION,a chain of restaurants is an addition to his business world . Enriched with this wealth of experience and driven by the zeal of entrepreneurship ,Mr Goel expanded his network of operation in Educational sector too. One of the major thought of his personality is ” Education is the best investment of one’s life.” With this thought he laid the foundation of A.G Classes in 2016.Since then he is putting his best to fulfill the goal of each & every aspirant of A.G Classes.