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Prithvi is the goddess of the earth. She symbolizes the terrestrial realm and fertility. Prithvi is often invoked alongside Dyaus as the Earth Mother. Together, they represent the divine union of heaven and earth, reflecting the interconnectedness and harmony of cosmic forces.

The Rigveda contains hymns that praise Aditi, Dyaus, and Prithvi as the eternal, nurturing, and protective forces underlying the universe. They are revered as the foundational principles from which all existence emerges. The symbolism and mythology surrounding these deities highlight the concepts of cosmic order, sustenance, and the interconnectedness of all beings.

The relationship between Aditi, Dyaus, and Prithvi signifies the dynamic interplay of cosmic elements. Aditi’s vastness encompasses both Dyaus, the sky, and Prithvi, the earth, reflecting the inseparable connection between the celestial and terrestrial realms. They represent the foundational principles and nurturing forces that sustain life and creation.

Shakti is generally associated with the feminine divine energy and power. While Aditi is revered as a goddess and represents infinity and boundlessness, she is not typically identified as a specific embodiment of Shakti. Aditi is often considered the mother of gods (Adityas) and is associated with nurturing and protective qualities.

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