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Brahma, Father of Prithvi : Creation ?

The father of Prithvi, the goddess of the earth, is often considered to be Lord Brahma. Brahma is one of the Trimurti, the three major gods of Hinduism, along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. As the creator deity, Brahma is believed to be the father of many divine beings, including Prithvi.

In Vedic mythology, the goddess Prithvi is often invoked alongside Dyaus. The hymns of the Rigveda frequently mention the divine couplet of Dyaus and Prithvi, representing the celestial father and the terrestrial mother. Dyaus is associated with the sky and heavens, while Prithvi represents the earth.

The invocation of Dyaus and Prithvi together highlights the cosmic union of heaven and earth, symbolizing the harmonious interplay of celestial and terrestrial forces. This divine couplet signifies the interconnectedness of the cosmic order and the relationship between the celestial and earthly realms.

In Vedic rituals and prayers, the presence and cooperation of Dyaus and Prithvi are often acknowledged and revered, underscoring their vital roles in sustaining life and providing abundance. The reverence for both Dyaus and Prithvi reflects the Vedic understanding of the divine forces governing the natural world.


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