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Maha Rishi Utathya and Brihaspati’s Sons

Sage Angiras had two sons named Utathya and Brihaspati. Utathya is known for his role in various mythological stories, and he had a son named Vrihaspati, who inherited his father’s position as the guru of the Devas.

While the Saptaṛṣis (Seven Sages) are revered in Sanathana Dharma, the composition of the group may vary in different traditions and texts. The seven sages commonly associated with this group are:

1.Marichi, 2. Atri, 3. Angiras, 4. Pulastya, 5. Pulaha, 6. Kratu, 7. Vashishtha. These seven sages are often mentioned together and are regarded as important figures in Vedic literature and Sanathana Dharma.

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