Sri. Anand Dasari’s Generous Donation

Empowers School Children with Digital Knowledge

Jansankalp Foundation is delighted to announce that Sri. Anand Dasari, a philanthropist and Co Founder of the foundation, has made a significant contribution to the cause of education. Sri. Anand Dasari recently donated four tablets to equip school children with essential digital knowledge, opening up new avenues of learning and growth for them. The tablets will be provided to a deserving school as part of a forthcoming program, the details of which will be shared soon.

This generous donation by Sri. Anand Dasari reflects his commitment to empowering the younger generation and bridging the digital divide that exists in many educational institutions. The tablets will serve as valuable resources for the school children, allowing them to access a wealth of educational content, online resources, and interactive learning tools. With the integration of digital technology into their education, these students will be better prepared for the digital era and equipped with the necessary skills for success in the 21st century.



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