Routine Cleanliness Drives at the start of Rainy Season:

Jansankalp Foundation’s Endeavors in Yerragunta Palli

There’s something magical about the rainy season that can make even the most serious adults want to embrace their inner child and play in the rain. However, along with the joy it brings, the rainy season also presents a set of challenges. One of the major concerns is the stagnant water that becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, leading to the spread of diseases. Recognizing the importance of tackling this issue, Jansankalp Foundation has taken up the cause in Yerragunta Palli, a village located near Tadipatri in the backward district of Anantapur. Through routine cleanliness drives, the foundation aims to improve the general health and well-being of the village residents.

As the rain clouds gather and the first drops hit the ground, the residents of Yerragunta Palli find themselves caught between the excitement of the rainy season and the potential health risks it poses. To address these concerns, Jansankalp Foundation has stepped in, adopting the village as part of its mission to uplift communities in need. With a focus on ensuring a healthier and safer environment, the foundation conducts routine monthly cleanliness drives in the village.

The cleanliness drives organized by Jansankalp Foundation serve as an effective way to combat the challenges brought by stagnant water during the rainy season. The dedicated team, along with enthusiastic volunteers, gather to clear out drains, remove garbage, and ensure proper waste management in the village. By eliminating potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes and promoting cleanliness, the foundation aims to create a safer and healthier living environment for the residents.

As the rainy season approaches, Jansankalp Foundation continues its relentless efforts to combat the challenges it brings. Through routine cleanliness drives and community engagement, the foundation is making significant strides in improving the health and well-being of the residents of Yerragunta Palli. By embracing the rainy season with a proactive approach, Jansankalp Foundation is demonstrating its commitment to creating sustainable change and empowering communities in need.



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