Reviving Agricultural Prosperity:

Re-Charging Borewells for Farmers of Anantapur

Jansankalp Foundation’s Mr. Anand Yadav Dasari is taking a remarkable step to support farmers in Yerraguntlapalli-Village, Anantapur-Dist. In collaboration with the saveindiafarmers Organization, he plans to launch a project to re-charge 50 borewells, ensuring a sustainable water supply for agricultural activities.

Water scarcity is a significant challenge faced by farmers, impacting their livelihoods and crop productivity. By re-charging the borewells, Jansankalp Foundation aims to address this issue and provide long-term solutions for irrigation needs.

The project’s association with NewJersey, USA, highlights the global support and solidarity towards the cause of Indian farmers. Representatives from are actively participating in this charity program, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact in rural communities.

Together, let’s support this noble initiative and work towards a thriving agricultural sector that benefits farmers and strengthens rural communities.

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