Paani Foundation Joins Forces with Jansankalp Foundation

Enhance Water Resources in Yarraguntapalli Village

Paani Foundation, has extended its support to the village of Yarraguntapalli in the Tadipatri Mandalam of Anantapur district. During their visit, the representatives of Paani Foundation were provided with detailed information about the water resources, soil conditions, and bends in the village.

The founder of Jansankalp Foundation, Mr. Dasari Anand Yadav, and other members, actively participated in sharing comprehensive insights with the Paani Foundation team. The purpose of this exchange was to provide a thorough understanding of the village’s specific challenges and requirements related to water management.

With the collaboration between Paani Foundation and Jansankalp Foundation, there is a great potential for sustainable water resource development in Yarraguntapalli village. The expertise and experience brought by Paani Foundation, coupled with the dedicated efforts of Jansankalp Foundation, will contribute significantly to the improvement of water availability and quality in the village.

This partnership showcases the collective determination to address water-related issues and implement effective solutions that benefit the residents of Yarraguntapalli. Together, Paani Foundation and Jansankalp Foundation are working towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the village, where water resources are managed efficiently and sustainably.



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