Launch of Educational Programs by Jansankalp Foundation

Republic Day Celebration Balaji Krishnammagaru

On the occasion of Republic Day, Mr. Dasari Anand Yadav, the Trustee of Jansankalp Foundation, initiated several new projects in Yerraguntapalli village for the benefit of its residents. The program saw the active participation of notable individuals such as DSP A Srinivasulu from Tadipatri, Yugandhar Reddy from V-REAP Learning Centre, Irfan and Sharath from Paani Foundation, and P Madhava Reddy from ZBPolitics. Together, they charted out plans and discussed strategies for the overall development of the village.

During the program, all participants expressed their appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by Dasari Anand Yadav to the village. As part of the initiative, Dasari Anand Yadav distributed tables worth 3 lakh rupees to ZPH School and provided school bags to the students. Additionally, DSP Sreenivasulu laid the foundation for the earthwork required for diverting water from streams to pits for irrigation purposes.

In an effort to promote education, a V-REAP Learning Centre was inaugurated to cater to the needs of students from ZPH School. The program witnessed enthusiastic participation from elders, parents, students, and various sections of the village, making it a resounding success.

The collective efforts of all participants, led by Dasari Anand Yadav, demonstrate a strong commitment to the development and well-being of Yerraguntapalli village. With these projects and initiatives, the village is set on a path of progress, empowering its residents and creating a brighter future for generations to come.



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