Jansankalp Foundation’s Rainwater Harvesting

Also Educational Support at ZPH School

Recognizing the importance of harnessing rainwater as a valuable resource, Mr. Anand Yadav Dasari took the lead in implementing this project. The rainwater harvesting recharge pit serves as an effective mechanism to capture and store rainwater, allowing it to replenish the groundwater levels in a controlled manner. This ensures a sustainable water supply for the school and contributes to environmental preservation.

The efforts of Jansankalp Foundation in constructing the rainwater harvesting recharge pit were acknowledged and appreciated by the members of the Water Harvesting Central Committee. Their visit to the school highlighted the significance of such initiatives and the positive impact they have on water conservation.

In addition to the rainwater harvesting project, Jansankalp Foundation extended its support to ZPH School by providing an Almara, a storage cabinet, to keep books and prizes. This contribution reflects the foundation’s commitment to enhancing the learning environment and promoting the importance of education.



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