Jansankalp Foundation Facilitates Construction of Mud Road

for Convenience in Yarraguntapalli Village

In a significant development facilitated by Jansankalp Foundation, a mud road is being laid from Yarraguntapalli village, located in the Taadipatri Mandal, to the Chinnapalli road, passing through the cemetery. This initiative, spearheaded by the trustee of Jansankalp Foundation, Dasari Anand Yadav, aims to enhance the convenience and accessibility for the people of the village.

The construction of the mud road will provide a smoother and more accessible route for the villagers, improving their daily commutes and transportation of goods. This development project is a testament to Jansankalp Foundation’s commitment to uplifting the community and ensuring their well-being.

Through the concerted efforts of Jansankalp Foundation and the dedication of Dasari Anand Yadav, the convenience and connectivity of Yarraguntapalli village will be significantly enhanced. This initiative will positively impact the lives of the villagers and contribute to the overall development of the region.



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