Installed RO Drinking Water plant at Azizia Municipal in Ababdpet

On 18th February, in Hindupuram, Jansankalp Foundation, played a crucial role in establishing an RO Drinking Water plant at Azizia Municipal Urdu High School in Ababdpet. The primary objective behind this initiative was to fulfill the water requirements of the students.

The Headmaster, teachers, and students of the school expressed their joy and extended their congratulations to JSF on this significant occasion. They appreciated our efforts in addressing the water needs of the school, which would positively impact the students’ well-being and overall educational experience.

In addition to this accomplishment, Shri. Anand Dasari, Trustee of JSF has further plans to support the school. He intends to provide school uniforms and computer education, allocating an estimated budget of ten lakhs rupees for these initiatives. By doing so, he aims to enhance the learning environment and opportunities for the students, ensuring they have the necessary resources to thrive academically.

Overall, our commitment to the betterment of the Azizia Municipal Urdu High School and its students have garnered praise and admiration from the school community.

With continued efforts to improve educational facilities and support the students’ needs are commendable and contribute to the upliftment of the local community.



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