Health Camp in Kolakhal, Uttarakhand

Jansankalp Foundation organized a health check-up camp in which 55 students and Elders, were given free health check-up and free medicines were distributed. Jansankalp Foundation is continuously organizing health camps in the villages of Uttrakhand, We took prompt action after talking to the local women and discussing their problems. Made available the team of pediatricians and specialist doctors who are always available at Jansankalp Smart Clinic Phata, Jansankalp Clinic Phata facilitates free consultations and medicines. Under the leadership of Balaji Krishnammagaru

Jansankalp Foundation recently organized the Health Camp in Pauri Kolakhal, Uttarakhand. The camp aimed to provide free health check-ups and distribute medicines to students and elders in the area. A total of 55 individuals benefited from the camp, receiving necessary medical attention and medications at no cost.

Jansankalp Foundation is committed to organizing health camps consistently across various villages in Uttarakhand. By actively engaging with the local communities and addressing their concerns, the foundation strives to provide timely healthcare solutions. Prompt action was taken after discussions with local women to understand their specific problems and healthcare needs.

To ensure ongoing access to healthcare services, Jansankalp Foundation has established the Jansankalp Smart Clinic Phata. The clinic features a dedicated team of pediatricians and specialist doctors who are readily available to provide free consultations and necessary medical assistance. Through the clinic, the foundation aims to promote comprehensive healthcare services and facilitate the availability of essential medications to those in need.

Under the leadership of Balaji Krishnammagaru, Jansankalp Foundation remains committed to improving the health and well-being of the people in Uttarakhand. The foundation’s initiatives, including the Kolakhal Jansankalp Health Camp and the Jansankalp Smart Clinic Phata, are aimed at creating a positive impact on the community’s healthcare landscape.



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