Gaurikund Health Camp in Kedarghati, Uttarakhand

Jansankalp Foundation, in collaboration with the local community, recently organized a health check-up camp in Gaurikund Village of Kedarghati, Uttarakhand. The camp aimed to provide essential healthcare services to the residents, particularly targeting laborers and police personnel involved in construction works in the area.

During the health camp, a total of 50 individuals received free health check-ups. The participants were able to consult with healthcare professionals who assessed their health conditions and provided necessary medical advice. Additionally, free medicines were distributed to the attendees, ensuring they had access to the required medications.

Jansankalp Foundation has been consistently organizing health camps in various villages within the Kedarghati region. These camps serve as an essential means to address the healthcare needs of the local population. By actively engaging with the community and identifying their concerns, the foundation can promptly respond to the healthcare challenges they face.

To further support the healthcare requirements of the region, Jansankalp Foundation operates a specialized medical facility called Jansankalp Smart Clinic Phata. The clinic features a team of experienced pediatricians and specialist doctors who are readily available to provide consultations and medical assistance. The clinic offers free consultations and ensures that required medicines are accessible to the patients, thus promoting comprehensive healthcare services in the area.

Through these initiatives, Jansankalp Foundation strives to improve the health and well-being of the people in Kedarghati and contribute to the overall development of the community.



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