Addressing Water Scarcity: Jansankalp Foundation’s

Jansankalp Foundation’s Water Tanker Delivery Service in Yerraguntapalli Village

Jansankalp Foundation, in its ongoing efforts to address water scarcity issues, has initiated a water tanker delivery service in Yerraguntapalli village, Tadipatri Mandal. This crucial service ensures that the village receives a regular supply of water every three days.

Water scarcity is a significant challenge faced by many rural communities, affecting their daily lives and agricultural activities. Jansankalp Foundation recognizes the importance of providing access to clean and sufficient water for the well-being of the residents.

By organizing water tanker deliveries every three days, Jansankalp Foundation aims to alleviate the water shortage in Yerraguntapalli village. The foundation coordinates with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient distribution process, reaching out to every household in need.



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