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Installed RO Drinking Water plant at Azizia Municipal in Ababdpet

On 18th February, in Hindupuram, Jansankalp Foundation, played a crucial role in establishing an RO Drinking Water plant at Azizia Municipal Urdu High School...


ChatGPT Facts by Krishnammagaru

Explore ChatGPT facts by Krishnammagaru, detailing its capabilities and impact in insightful and informative ways. For research purposes or when seeking detailed factual information without...

Sattvic Diet: Purifies the Mind, body, and Soul.

Guidelines on Diet and Gunas from the Bhagavad Gita The overwhelming sensation of calm that permeates every aspect of this age-old medical practice is what...

The first covenanted ICS officer of the Madras Presidency

This story was lying in my drafts folder for a long time, as I was not able to establish the identity of the character...