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Iam NOT Sadhguru. Iam Balaji Krishnammagaru. But, time has come to put checks and balances NOW.


Impact of GAI on Health care and Society.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Cost of General Intelligence and Impact on Health Workers, Patients, Families and in General Society as a whole.

The availability of artificial intelligence (ML,DL AI etc) and automated artificial intelligent systems, I will be referring to as Artificial Systems. These are as artificial as Chemical Fertilizers used indiscriminately as against organic farming. If I go little further back in human history, faming based settlement form hunter gatherer to farming was shift which made us come to the spot where we are right now. The advances in AI and GAI in next few years, will have such an impact eternally. So, are we at the juncture of Industrial revolution or at the juncture of fire? Farming based settlements? I feel we are up to a major paradigm shift as fire and farming combined with wheel, invention based paradigm shift. FIRE.

I will try to limit my text to Healthcare. My views are contradictory and conflicting as I myself caught in the middle of writing this paper using AI systems. Yes, I will be. Then using AI in our own organization to keep up with competition and yet, looking just 3 years down the line, I don’t know what position I will take given the rapid inevitable changes.

The healthcare industry has the potential to revolutionize the way medical services are delivered. However, it also raises questions about the future role of health workers and mental conditions of patients, families including doctors and nurses and society in general.

To start with in my first post, we will just touch up on how AI and Automated Systems are affecting the health professionals and patients and what steps primary care doctors and the healthcare market can take to prepare for the next three years. This topic is a low hanging fruit.

  • a. For example, AI algorithms can be used to analyze medical images, such as X-rays and CT scans, to make diagnoses more quickly and accurately.
  • For example, Robotic surgery systems can also perform minimally invasive procedures with greater precision and control than human surgeons.

These advancements have the potential to improve the speed and quality of medical services, but they also raise concerns about the future of healthcare.

In the next three years, the use of AI and Fully Automated Robotic Systems in healthcare is expected to increase, leading to a significant reduction in human touch in delivering care.

To prepare for these changes, primary care doctors and the healthcare market must brace themselves for a roller coaster ride. For example, primary care doctors can focus on developing conscious cognitive skills with heart in mind, such as patient communication, emotional intelligence, and empathy, which are difficult for machines to replicate in any near future. It can replace, but what impact does it have on the care receivers?
The healthcare market can also support ongoing upgrade of their technology to stay relevant and education for health workers to keep them current with the latest advancements in technology.

Additionally, the healthcare industry must also prioritize Health Worker based healthcare that values the personal touch and personal relationship aspect of care. This has immense value by showing love and affection which is impossible to recreate and be lively in front of Patient. This can include creating new job roles that cater to the unique strengths of human healthcare workers, such as patient caretakers and health councilor along with family members. By focusing on Health Worker based healthcare, the industry can ensure that patients receive care that prioritizes their well-being in a more humane way and realistic and natural way.

The way I look is that availability of automated monitoring and help systems in the healthcare industry will bring about significant changes in the next one to three years, leading to fear of job losses and economic hardship for some healthcare workers. However, by focusing on human aspects and bringing out emotional coefficient and consciously training health workers on these aspects will mitigate fear of jobs and also improve healthcare, prioritizing Health Worker based healthcare, and considering the ethical implications of these technologies, primary care doctors and the healthcare market can prepare for these changes and ensure a bright future for the industry.


Generally speaking, jobs that involve technology and interpretation of these tech routine tasks, such as reading medical images, videos, are more susceptible to technology automation than jobs that require higher levels of skill and judgment, such as patient diagnosis and treatment. Just few year ago a Radiologist was and still is highly paid job. Tele radiology was first step and it seeded the advancements. Radiologists offshore saw that as extra income and are suddenly at the receiving end. As a result, radiologists may be more at risk of their job being downgraded to making a physiotherapist job being seen irreplaceable?

However, it is important to note automation (AI or whatever is artificial) NOT to replace healthcare professionals, but rather to augment their work. By focusing on developing conscious cognitive skills, such as looking at patient socio economic cultural and family back grounds and informing reports in person to the Patient and Family with deeper understanding of the impact of a MRI , CT and for that matter a simple XRay . What we see till date is conclusion written at the end of the report and we searching for deeper understanding using Google. Now, that made is Google Patients. Think if it makes us AI Patients? How do we interpret the results as against a radiologist using the AI?

Now, let’s evaluate roles of Lab Technician, Phlebotomist to a Pathologist. Let’s see a general yearly health checkup reports. It has become as routine as it useless. the rates of tests has come down in all sectors like Hematology , bio chemistry etc .But, we are just a year or two away to connect all dots in the yearly health check up with past years data and give a comprehensive view of health .Its already there in few places .

Now what is the role of Pathologist?

There were many jobs created and lost , the easiest example being Medical Transcription. Why was Doctor needed to write in such detail, when did Doctors got overloaded in the west and how it the Transcription Industry started and faded? AI and GAI are no different.

I would not go in detail further, you can take problem statement and get your answers either in Jasper or ChatGPT. Even good old Google

Yeah, good old Google. I am sure the transformer model they invented found its way across and they are up to something up their sleeves. Till they make their plans public, there is no point me pointing out.

Again, good old Google or Google in new avatar, the change is around the corner in months.


  • Founder and CEO of MedOnGo, Jansankalp Foundation, TECLEVER and few more.

    Human Being, Engineer, Activist and Entrepreneur. Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Earth are Ultimate Goals.Krishnammagaru is an Electronics and Communications Engineer from College of Engineering , Anantapur. In his own words “Didn’t do what I was supposed to do as Student (Education) . Make a list of what a student must NOT do , tick all . I did all. Met my wife here and she unticked everything and took away my independence just after college”

    Balaji P. Krishnammagaru started his journey as an engineer in the late nineties. Career started with Satyam Computer Services and was almost all the time working with Japanese Customers and especially Fujitstu NTT Docomo. In his words ,Did everything ! Learnt, coded , designed, delivered, managed ,won, lost, taught , fought and made lasting friends….”. He also says, this stint with Japanese customers turned him around in every aspect. Involved in some of the firsts in the world, like the first eCommerce platforms to smartphones to mobile payments and pre-dominantly worked with Japanese OEMs, ODMs and Operators till 2006 and started his first company TECLEVER and now mostly looking at MedOnGo, AxiPHYL and wishes to move full time to Jansankalp eventually.

    The core of Balaji’s belief is to create devices and an ecosystem for devices to solve particular problems in the Late 1990s and early 2000s and now what we call IoT today. He realized Heath IoT and wearable is the way forward for healthcare, and he further narrowed his focus on primary care as it was THE MOST important and MOST neglected field.


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