Enhancing Student Comfort and Learning:

Jansankalp Foundation Donates Furniture to Yerraguntapalli School

Under the guidance and support of Dasari Anand Yadav from Jansankalp Foundation, valuable furniture has been provided to the students of Yerraguntapalli District Parishad High School. Previously, students faced discomfort as they had to sit on the floor, struggling to keep their books and study materials. This was especially challenging for the girls.

However, thanks to the generous donation of chair-tables by Dasari Anand Yadav and Jansankalp Foundation, the students can now sit comfortably and utilize tables for their studies. The transformation is evident in the joy and laughter seen on the faces of the students. They are delighted with the new furniture and appreciate the improved learning environment.

The dedication and commitment of Dasari Anand Yadav and Jansankalp Foundation have made it possible to fulfill the desires and needs of the students. Their generosity has positively impacted the educational experience of the students in Yerraguntapalli, showcasing the power of collective efforts and the potential for creating positive change.



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