Discussed the challenges faced by Yarraguntapalli village

with Governement Officials – Jansankalp Foundation

Today, Mr. Dasari Anand Yadav, in the presenc e of Mr. Gandham Chandradu, the District Collector of Anantapur, discussed the challenges faced by Yarraguntapalli village and highlighted the development programs implemented by Jansankalp Foundation. He also shared the upcoming initiatives planned by the foundation.

During the response program, Mr. Dasari Anand Yadav addressed the issues prevailing in Yarraguntapalli village and shed light on the various development programs carried out by Jansankalp Foundation. These initiatives have been aimed at improving the overall well-being and progress of the village community.

Furthermore, Mr. Dasari Anand Yadav provided insights into the upcoming plans of Jansankalp Foundation, emphasizing their commitment to addressing the remaining challenges and implementing further development projects. The foundation strives to create a positive impact in Yarraguntapalli village by focusing on the areas that require attention and undertaking initiatives to uplift the community.



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