Barsund Mahadev- Lord Shiva an ethereal temple

A temple situated in the middle of the dense forest where all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled.

Barsund Mahadev Temple which comes under Pokhara block of Pauri district of Uttarakhand which is 30 kms away from Pokhara.

Mystery Behind Barsund Devta

On reaching this temple surrounded by trees from all sides, one experiences immense peace. On reaching the temple, first of all, a bath is taken from the water of the pool located in front of the temple. Because this temple has many mysteries with it, one of them is the secret and specialty of this pool, and that feature is that the water of this pool is not colorless but milky in color.

After talking to the people of the nearby village, I came to know that many years ago this water was completely white as the color of milk and at the same time it also smelled of milk. But now, perhaps due to natural tampering, the color of it has become lighter but the smell of milk can be taken from the water even today. As this water is used, its level decreases but in no time it gets refilled. But till date no one has been able to find out from where does the water in this pool come from and why is this water milky?

Story of Barsund Mahadev

According to the legends, many years ago at this place (where the temple is situated at present), the cows of the people of nearby villages used to come to graze. So Barsund Mahadev comes in the form of a cowherd and drinks the milk of all the cows. Because the gods used to drink milk. So the cow could not give milk in their homes, the local people could not understand why this is happening. Cow is grazing completely, it is better than health, then why the whole cow is not giving milk.

One day the people of a particular caste (Ghansali caste) chased the cows and secretly saw that a cowherd was drinking cow’s milk. Out of anger, one of them attacked the cowherd with an ax and the cowherd’s head was split in two. The cowherd took the form of a stone at the same time, which, like the cowherd’s head, was divided into two parts. After this, the blame of Bersund Dev fell on the regional people.

That is, the crops of the village started drying up, if any auspicious work could not be successful, then people again got worried that why this is happening, then one day Bersund Dev came in the dream of a priest of the village and told him that he was a cowherd. And you treated me like this. If you want to remove the blame on yourself, you want the welfare of the people, then establish my temple at the place where I have taken the form of a linga (stone) and also do any auspicious work in this area from today onwards like marriage. If someone’s new cow has come or someone’s cow has given birth to a child, then their milk will be offered to me first, after this your work will be successful, otherwise no work will be successful.

Hindrance in marriage, the cow will stop giving milk. After this, the next day the priest told this to the villagers and the villagers started the construction of the temple from the same day and as per the instructions of the god, before any auspicious work, milk and curd were offered to the Bursund Dev and after that the surrounding Now the cow started giving more milk than before in the village. And here the people of the nearby village are still a witness that if someone does not offer the milk of a new cow to God before the auspicious work, then their work is not successful, the cow stops giving milk or the cow buffalo itself. disappears from her peg.

As we told that there are many mysteries associated with this temple, one of them is that when all the devotees return to the door of the temple, then a bell rings automatically in the temple. The biggest testimony of the existence of God at this place is that the linga which was then divided into two parts due to the blow of the ax is gradually being filled i.e. the inanimate object like stone which was divided into two parts today completely It is filled and now only a small mark is left on the side of the penis and that too will be filled with time.

In this temple, the people of Ghansali i.e. the caste whose people had attacked the cowherd with an ax are forbidden to come.

Every wish is fulfilled

It is said that whoever comes here with a true heart, all his wishes are fulfilled. Along with this, Lord Barsund Mahadev is also considered special for getting children, it can be gauged from the bells in the temple courtyard that how many devotees’ wishes would have been fulfilled by the Barsund deity, because after the wish is successful, all the devotees have written their names. A bell rings here.



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