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Founder and CEO of MedOnGo, Jansankalp Foundation, TECLEVER and few more.
Human Being, Engineer, Activist and Entrepreneur. Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Earth are Ultimate Goals.

Krishnammagaru is an Electronics and Communications Engineer from College of Engineering , Anantapur. In his own words “Didn’t do what I was supposed to do as Student (Education) . Make a list of what a student must NOT do , tick all . I did all. Met my wife here and she unticked everything and took away my independence just after college”

Balaji P. Krishnammagaru started his journey as an engineer in the late nineties. Career started with Satyam Computer Services and was almost all the time working with Japanese Customers and especially Fujitstu \NTT Docomo. In his words ,Did everything ! Learnt, coded , designed, delivered, managed ,won, lost, taught , fought and made lasting friends….”. He also says, this stint with Japanese customers turned him around in every aspect. Involved in some of the firsts in the world, like the first eCommerce platforms to smartphones to mobile payments and pre-dominantly worked with Japanese OEMs, ODMs and Operators till 2006 and started his first company TECLEVER and now mostly looking at MedOnGo, AxiPHYL and wishes to move full time to Jansankalp eventually.

The core of Balaji’s belief is to create devices and an ecosystem for devices to solve particular problems in the Late 1990s and early 2000s and now what we call IoT today. He realized Heath IoT and wearable is the way forward for healthcare, and he further narrowed his focus on primary care as it was THE MOST important and MOST neglected field.

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