50 Aspirants Got Selected for Grama Sachivalayam

Jansankalp Foundation’s Online Exams Preparation Programs Balaji Krishnammagaru

Jansankalp Foundation played a significant role in supporting around 50 aspirants who successfully secured positions in the Grama Sachivalayam posts, primarily in Anantapur District. Among these candidates, students like Manoj achieved top ranks in their respective districts.

The Jansankalp Foundation took the initiative to organize online coaching sessions for the Grama Sachivalayam exams. These coaching sessions were designed to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to aspiring candidates who aimed to excel in the selection process. The online coaching program covered various subjects and topics that were part of the Grama Sachivalayam syllabus, ensuring that the participants were well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

By leveraging the power of online platforms, Jansankalp Foundation enabled candidates from Anantapur District and beyond to access quality coaching materials and guidance without the constraints of physical location or time. This approach ensured that aspirants from even remote areas had equal opportunities to prepare for and excel in the Grama Sachivalayam exams.

The success of Manoj and other students who achieved top ranks in their districts is a testament to the effectiveness of Jansankalp Foundation’s online coaching program. The Foundation’s commitment to empowering aspiring candidates and providing them with the necessary resources and support has played a crucial role in their achievements.



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