Supriya Sules’s Prediction

Supriya Sule’s predicted win in the Baramati constituency can be attributed to a combination of her dignified approach, strong family legacy, effective campaigning, and favourable exit poll predictions. Here are the detailed factors: 

Dignified and Respectful Tone: 

  1. Approach Towards Sunetra Pawar 
  • Supriya Sule has maintained a dignified and respectful tone towards her sister-in-law, Sunetra Pawar, which has resonated well with voters. This maturity and composure have portrayed her as a strong and ethical leader. 
  • Speculation that Sunetra Pawar might have voted for Sule indicates strong family bonds despite political differences, showcasing her ability to maintain unity and respect within the family. 


Symbolic Visit to Ajit Pawar’s Mother: 

  1. Election Day Gesture 
  • On election day, Supriya Sule made a surprise visit to Ajit Pawar’s residence to seek blessings from her aunt, Ashatai. This act was seen as a powerful message of family unity and respect, likely appealing to voters. 
  • The visit was perceived as an emotional tactic to garner support, emphasizing her commitment to family values, which resonated with the electorate. 

Active Social Engagement: 

  1. Visibility and Connection 
  • Known for her active social engagement, Sule attends various functions and is visible within the constituency. This sets her apart from her cousin Ajit Pawar, who is often perceived as less accessible. 
  • Her ability to connect with people on a personal level has strengthened her rapport with the electorate, building a strong voter base. 

Intellectual and Dignified Conduct: 

  1. Parliamentary Debates 
  • Sule is well-respected for her intellectual and point-to-point debates in Parliament, even on sensitive subjects like nepotism. Her response to BJP MP Tejasvi Surya on dynasty politics was widely appreciated. 
  • She maintains a scholarly approach, raising important public interest issues and conducting herself with dignity, earning respect across political parties. 

Strong Oratory Skills: 

  1. Effective Communication 
  • Her oratory skills and ability to respond effectively to aggressive opponents have set her apart as a capable and articulate leader, enhancing her public image and voter appeal. 

Strategic Campaign Support: 

  1. Key Supporters 
  • Key figures like Shivatare and Harshvardhan Patil, who know Ajit Pawar well, campaigned for Sule. They understand the political dynamics and believe that if Ajit Pawar wins, it would be challenging to defeat him in future elections. 
  • Dissatisfaction within the BJP, particularly from the wife of BJP DAUND constituency MLA Rahul Kul, who was interested in contesting but did not get the ticket, also played a role in consolidating support for Supriya. 


Favorable Exit Poll Predictions: 

  1. Polling Insights 
  • Major exit polls, including Today’s Chanakya, PMARQ, Times Now, C-Voter, Jan ki Baat, Polstrat, and Matrize, have predicted a win for Supriya Sule. 
  • The India Today-Axis My India exit poll specifically predicts that Sule has an edge over her sister-in-law, Sunetra Pawar. 

Pawar Family Legacy: 

  1. Long-standing Influence 
  • The Baramati seat has been a bastion of the Pawar family for 27 years, with Supriya Sule winning the seat in the past three elections, even during the Modi wave in 2014 and 2019. 
  • Sharad Pawar’s personal involvement and the strong family bonds are significant factors. There is talk that even Ajit Pawar might not want Supriya to lose, as he already has control over the party. 

Conclusion:Supriya Sule’s predicted win in Baramati is supported by her dignified and respectful approach, strong family legacy, active social engagement, intellectual conduct, strategic campaign support, favorable exit poll predictions, and the enduring influence of the Pawar family. These factors collectively contribute to her strong position in the constituency. 


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