JanSankalp practices sustainable strategies to fight food and water problems in rural India

Rural economy is complex, and there is no single solution to the problems people face in rural India. So Jansankalp Foundation has planned an integrated, long-term approach. We offer a complete bundle of services under ‘Food and Water’ challenges as sustainable strategies to fight them.

Helping Farmers

Training and supporting farming through latest technology and technological intervention.

Supporting farmers receive high-quality seeds and fertilizers on credit, and offering a flexible repayment system that allows them to pay their loans in any amount throughout the loan term.

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Farming holds the major section of rural economy, so JSF believes in enabling farmers to significantly increase their incomes and build paths to prosperity.

Developing Rural

Our programs for developing rural entrepreneurship are designed focusing the problems associated,

Inability to market their products and services

  • We are developing an e-market place to sell, promote and market, the products and services offered by these villagers. Also we have a team of counsellors associated with the batch of entrepreneurs, helping them with the market objectives and plans.

Lack of motivation, choice and hence lack passion

  • One of our objective programs is establishing an environment where residents can see other people with similar backgrounds, education, and resources becoming entrepreneurs. We are getting some models on ground for creating an entrepreneurial mindset which, with appropriate public support, could be replicated on a large scale.
  • Also, our team on ground is educating business opportunities and their scope around the developing India, to bring on board a large number of successful entrepreneurs developing Indian economy.

Training for required skillset is missing

  • Mentoring and training are the areas where we focus on with rural entrepreneurship. We are developing all means of solution to educate residents with various skill sets, and guide them throughout the process.

  • We believe entrepreneurship, emerging in rural areas, has capability to bring value addition to rural resources engaging a large human resources of that particular area and act as a potent factor for rural economic development.

  • Rural entrepreneurship, in rural areas, brings value addition to rural resources engaging a large human resources of that particular area. Hence, it should emerge in rural area, by employing most of the materials and people from rural area, providing the benefits and development to that particular area, ultimately leading to economic development of the country.