About Late Shri Chander Singh Negi Memorial Trust

Background- A simple man from a humble background yet always ready to give it all to help needy people. Late Shri Chander Singh Negi dedicated his life to philanthropy work & now his son has stepped in to give shape to his late father’s vision for his native place, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. This trust is founded by Shri Lalit Mohan Negi for charitable work towards the needy section of the society, especially in his village & the adjoining areas on 12TH June 2020. 

The trust has been founded with the prime objectives :-  

(1). To provide easy access to education in remote areas of Uttarakhand through the establishment & management of schools/colleges/educational institutions or other support in this regard. 

(2). To construct and run free dispensaries for the healthcare of the needy people and elderly inhabitants, especially in remote areas with a lack of proper medical facilities. 

(3). To work towards establishment and maintenance of old age homes, people with disability/ specially abled & dependents of such people to help them lead healthy lives etc. 

A tree is known by its fruit and a man by his deeds. Late Shri Chander Singh Negi’s life has been a testament to this age-old saying, whose legacy is now being carried forward by his son Shri Lalit Mohan Negi. Shri Chandra Singh Negi was born in the year 1921 in the pre-independence era of the British regime in India. Born in a joint family set up in a small village Kola in Uttarakhand, his father Late Shri Jawahar Singh Negi instilled a value system of community harboring in him right from childhood, where there were limited means and dependents were many. After his primary education in Uttarakhand, he moved to Delhi in late 50’s in search of a better livelihood and prospects. However, the urge to work for the upliftment of the needy villagers was always in his mind. Making ends meet in a new town with no base of his own was an uphill task, but he relentlessly worked towards it while also enhancing his knowledge and skills. He eventually established his household in Delhi but the dismal situation of health, education, employment & overall quality of life in Uttarakhand and especially in his hometown Patti Kolagad, always used to sting his heart. This further added to his determination toward community welfare. While working with a reputed pharmaceutical company (Glaxo India Limited), he enrolled himself in St. John Ambulance brigade- a health workers' voluntary organization, and earned a certificate of a health worker for his loyal service. He used to volunteer to impart guidance, free services and also distributed medicines at subsidized rates to needy patients in various government hospitals such as Safdarjung Hospital and Irwin Hospital (now Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital) to name a few on weekends. He also started administering injections to ailing patients in nearby areas of his Delhi residence, who couldn’t afford to visit a hospital. He utilized the knowledge gained through his volunteering work in the formation of many social welfare voluntary organizations like Kolgad Vikas Samiti Delhi, Kolagad Navyuvak Ramleela Committee, Kolakhal Junior High School (now Janta Inter College) Nirman Samiti Delhi, Kolakhal Prathamik Swasthya Upchar Kendra Uttrakhand Samaj (Regd.), Shri Barsund Dev Mandir Nirman Samiti etc. in Delhi for the betterment of the people of Patti Kolagad. He was also one of the leading members of Garhwal Hiteshani Sabha in Delhi working towards the social welfare of the Garhwali community. 

He worked tirelessly throughout his life till the end came in the year 2004. Inspired by the noble deeds and an inspiring life led by Late Shri Chander Singh Negi, his son Shri Lalit Mohan Negi and daughter-in-law Mrs. Kapotri Negi decided to keep the torch of social work lit for the upliftment and betterment of the society, especially the inhabitants of the villages in Garhwal. In his memory, they formed this trust and started social work in his native area in the year 2020. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they were greatly shaken seeing the plight of the people in Garhwal due to lack of facilities & healthcare support. They immediately started voluntary work by distributing free ration kits, medicines, and medical instruments (thermometers, oximeters, BP monitoring machines) which proved to be a very timely and positive step towards mitigating the hardships of the poor villagers. For the development of vocational skills & technology know-how among students, They decided to construct and renovate Janta Inter College. Kolakhal. The school was provided with modern age desks and benches. Computers were also installed along with internet facilities and projector, free computer training were also given to the students which would help them to keep up with the fast-paced world. Skill Development, career counselling and guidance programmes have also been undertaken to mentor students. Study Material and doubt clearing sessions through experienced teachers and staff has also been introduced. The trust has also taken Janta Inter college, Simri Khtli in block Bironkhal under it’s aegis. They have provided the school with desks and benches and have also contributed in the beautification of the premises. Free computer training center has also been setup at the school by providing basic infrastructures like computers, internet facilities, setting up computer rooms and services of a technical personnel, greatly benefitting the children/youth of the nearby villages.  

The Trust has also been active on other social and religious fronts. Last Year the trust made donations to Shri Naradangu Mahadev Prachin Shiv Mandir Vikas Samiti in order to maintain and run a Gaushala (Cow Shelter). The trust has also undertaken the work of building a road from villages Timli to Patliu, Block Pokhra, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. 

With their new initiative Prompt Health Care Solution ”, they intend to set up health kiosks in villages to provide easy healthcare access to people who currently rely on big hospitals situated far off for their health-related needs with the support of a reputed voluntary Health organisationM/s Bala Medical. 

The trust is determined to make a landmark difference in the field of health care, education & local employment for the villagers to support them in improving their quality of life and make them self-reliant. 

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