About Late Mr. Chander Singh Negi

Late Sri Chander Singh Negi was born in 1921 in the pre independence era in Kolakhal, Pokhara, Lansdowne (Taluk), Pauri Garhwal District of erstwhile Garhwal Kingdom, . Late Sri CS Negi ji was the eldest in the 3 kids, he lived in Kola (a minute Walk from Kolakhal) with his family in a humble abode with his family. Late Sri CS Negi ji's Father Late Mr. Jawahar Singh Negi, his mother late Mrs. Sita Devi, his wife Mrs. Jay Devi, and 3 sons and 2 daughters). Shri Lalit Mohan Negi ACP, Delhi Police is his eldest Son.

Late Sri Chander Singh Negi completed his primary education in Uttarakhand. He got married and then came to Delhi alone in late 50’s in search of a job and better prospects. Late Sri Chander Singh Negi joined ram company (Ram pharmaceuticals in Daryaganj, Delhi). Later Ram Pharma was taken over by Glaxo India Limited (An international Pharma company). He lived in Daryaganj with his relatives.

Smt. Jay Devi while largely stayed back at Kola doing the hard work. She did take care of our family holdings and did farming and helped raised her children in the village. The sacrifices were enormous.

During this time Late Sri Chander Singh Negi used to visit his native place whenever he could and would meet his family on these occasions. In the year 1971 during one of his visits his son Mr. Lalit Mohan Negi, who was 6 at that time accompanied him to drop him off at the bus stand from where he would leave for Delhi, suddenly due to bad weather he couldn’t return and Late Sri Chander Singh Negi decided to bring him along to Delhi. Both of them stayed in Delhi for some time and then moved to Madangiri a locality in South Delhi with some of their relatives.

Writer: Balaji Krishnammagaru is an Engineer, health activist and is working to establish primary care services along with Lalit ji.

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